Membership & Pricing

Become a Member of Crown Health for Personal, Affordable Healthcare

The Crown Health Advantage

Why Healthcare Memberships?

In this “Direct Patient Care Practice”, insurance policies are not dictating the type of care we deliver to our members.  We are able to see far fewer members than would be practical with a traditional primary care practice. Instead of spending hours dealing with insurance requirements, I am able to spend that time and more discussing your life and your health.  

Now, with video appointments, you have the ability to see your doctor from wherever you are, saving you travel time as well as the typical wait times to see the doctor once you get there. You are guaranteed the time you need to get the care you deserve. 

The result? We build a trusted relationship where your doctor gets to know you, provides you with the individualized care needed to resolve your current healthcare concern, and will partner with you to keep you healthy going forward. 

AGES 18-29

Young Adults

At this age, we work together to build life-long healthy habits. Rather than using random Urgent Care facilities for treatment of occasional issues, we can actually work on preventing illness and disease by improving diet, changing activity patterns, and building habits of health.


per month

AGES 30-44

Prime of Life

Develop a relationship with a physician who knows you and cares about your well-being.
  • Prevent chronic diseases
  • Screen for potential harms
  • Promote healthy habits
  • Maintain health through regular lab and diagnostic testing


per month

AGES 45-64

Older Adults

  • A trusted relationship with a doctor you can count on
  • Eating and activity to improve health and prevent illness
  • Regular screening for early treatment of potential issues
  • Disease management for a better quality of life.


per month

***Please note: A membership with Crown Health does not constitute having health insurance and we do recommend you maintain a health policy to cover accidents and emergencies.