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Direct Primary Care (DPC) allows doctors to provide  high-quality, comprehensive healthcare, all for a low monthly fee. Doctors who want to provide excellent care for their patients have eliminated the constraints that insurance companies and corporate medicine had imposed on them, leaving them in a position to provide better care to fewer patients a day, for a reasonable monthly fee. 

Since we do not take payments from insurance companies, they are not dictating the care I give you.  I am able to see far fewer members than would be practical within a traditional primary care practice. Instead of spending hours dealing with insurance requirements, I am able to spend that time and more discussing your life and your health.

Cutting out insurance and corporate medicine allows me to provide unlimited online appointments and pass on wholesale pricing for most prescriptions, and deep discounts on labs and imaging. I even offer house calls ( limit one free visit per month and $150 for additional visits) to patients within 15 miles of my practice in Powder Springs, Georgia.

  • My mission in this practice is to keep you healthy - all for a low monthly fee!
  • I will treat your illnesses, such as colds, flu, strep throat or injuries such as joint issues or burns and also help manage any chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorder or high cholesterol.
  • I also provide preventive services such as immunizations, diabetes and cancer screenings, and counseling on practices to maintain your health.
  • I offer telemedicine appointments and house calls within 15 miles.
  • You'll get discounts on prescriptions, lab tests and diagnostic testing.

Primary care is an ideal choice for healthy adults since you'll have a physician who knows you and checks on you across time. I will do your yearly physical and treat  occasional injuries and illnesses such as a bout with bronchitis.  I'll also keep you up to date with yearly immunizations and anything you need to keep you healthy, happy, free of preventable diseases and able to live well.

Although we don't accept insurance payments, we recommend you have an insurance policy that will  cover the cost of  hospitalization or a specialist for treating a serious illness or injury.

Direct Primary Care is not the same as Concierge Medicine". The two are different in some important ways. First, concierge practices are often bill your insurance in addition to your paying a monthly fee . This means they're still a part of the insurance industry's ridiculously complex reimbursement system, so this gets reflected in  having to charge higher monthly fees; the average concierge practice monthly fee is in the range of  $200-300 per month and the way they are structured with traditional appointments and medical staff is more like a typical primary care practice. DPC memberships are in the range as your monthly phone bill and they tend to be more flexible with visits and  generous with time with a doctor.